Notice of Liability to the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) in Anticipation of the Emergency Use Approval of the Experimental Gene Therapy Injections for Children From 5 Years Old

October 25, 2025

The well-established requirement to obtain informed consent prior to administering medical procedures on people is not vitiated by mandates or social regulations.

“We for Humanity” is an initiative founded by a group of Holocaust survivors and their descendants. From historical experience we warn: It is the end of any pluralistic democratic society when medicine, science, justice, culture and media submit to the dictates of the political executive and the greed for profit.

A crime is premeditated when it is committed with foreknowledge & specific intent prior to the commission of the crime. We hereby publicly call your attention to the following facts (not exhaustive) that demand an immediate halt to the global vaccination program on children and adults alike.

The so-called vaccinations are an ongoing experiment, so everyone injected is a test subject. Therefore, the Nuremberg Code applies and all those who are culpable will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.   

As you know, the injections are not really vaccinations, but gene therapies. Attached are three slides from the May 18, 2021 event “Genetic Vaccine Development for Infectious Diseases”. The Summit took place five months into the global “vaccination” campaign where presenters found a place to “share unpublished data on gene-based vaccine” and to “cover clinical trial updates for pregnant women”,  to name two topics.

Also, the EU Directive 2009/120/EC using global standards reads under fig. 2.1: “Gene therapy medicinal products shall not include vaccines against infectious diseases.”

If not for mislabeling the experimental gene therapy as “vaccination”, a vast majority would neither subject themselves nor their children to these experimental gene therapies. By this mislabeling alone, you have deprived people of a crucial basis for informed consent. As a reminder, read the last sentence of the first principle of the Nuremberg Code: everyone involved is personally liable.

Furthermore, by mislabeling, you violated 42 U.S. Code § 262 – Regulation of Biological Products. This code states under section (b) that “No person shall mislabel or misbrand a package or container of a biological product or alter a label or marking on the package or container of the biological product so as to falsify the label or marking.” Subjecting people to highly experimental gene therapies under the name of Covid 19 Vaccine, is nothing short of malfeasance, the willful violation of federal law, and the  intentional disregard of the safety of others which is a shameful dereliction of your duty.

Your false assurances that “people can be assured of FDA’s unwavering commitment to public health through our comprehensive and rigorous evaluation of the data submitted” are patently untrue.

You are on notice that Pfizer has a long history of drug marketing fraud. A chain of Freedom of Information requests has revealed that the agencies questioned could not produce patient-level data from Pfizer, thereby negating their specious safety claims. By granting approval absent a thorough review of the patient-level data the FDA has therefore breached its duty of care, let alone applied any such “rigorous evaluation.

This is likewise untrue that – here quoted again – “for each vaccine, FDA has evaluated and analyzed the safety and effectiveness data”. But, how could you whilst still running the Phase 3 of a medical experiment, at this very moment? European Medicines Agency (EMA) using the same standards states in its Guidelines under fig. 4.3.1 regarding vector therapy, that after treatment testing should continue for at least 5 years. Instead, the ongoing experiment was extended to include infants less than one year, after it was already forced upon their parents and grandparents.

The claim that the experimental gene therapy imposes less risk than COVID-19 is more disinformation from the FDA with consequences for which you are criminally liable. Even with under 1% reporting rate of the adverse effects (see Lazarus report, P. 6) it is obvious that the experimental injections cause considerably more harm than the disease it targets. A review of the German adverse event report on the one hand and the Covid statistics on the other shows that more children and adolescents (evaluation of reported cases only) have been affected by adverse effects following “vaccination” than by Sars-Cov-2. Myo-/pericarditis are being reported “with the highest reporting rate in male adolescents aged 12 to 17 years, followed by young men aged 18 to 29 years.”

A close study of the Nuremberg Code reveals that all ten principles have been violated so far.

People may forgive a mistake. But, not the deliberate murder of their children.  You are on notice.

Do the right thing for humanity. Do the right thing for the children.

We for Humanity

Make sure that Holocaust Survivors are heard.