Notice of Liability to the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA)

The well-established requirement to obtain informed consent prior to administering medical procedures on people is not vitiated by mandates or social regulations.

A crime is premeditated when it is committed with foreknowledge & specific intent prior to the commission of the crime. Therefore we publicly called the FDA to consider damning evidence of the damage caused be the experimental gene therapy mislabeled as “vaccine”.

Innocent people around the world are test subjects in a medical experiment without their knowledge and thus without their consent. The Covid “vaccine” killed more people than all vaccines combined in 20 years before. The Nuremberg Code applies and every involved is personally liable. Raise your voice, too, by calling on the authorities to stop, or to prove that “vaccination” provides the contracted prevention and protects more people than it kills, with reference to our letter.

Make sure that Holocaust Survivors are heard.