Stop Fascism in Austria

November 19, 2021, another Black Friday: the Austrian Parliament decided to introduce compulsory vaccination for all citizens from the age of 12. Those who refuse the gene injection, will have to pay over €7,000. These are measures to enforce a treatment which does not prevent nor protect but damages lives, increasingly young lives. With the decision by Halachic Court the enforced medical experiment and persecution will affect especially Jews. Will the psychopaths conducting the greatest crime of human history cross this line?

The Holocaust survivors go through unspeakable memories to put themselves in front of innocent people with their experience. And we fail again and again in the face of evil. Nothing is sacred, deception, corruption and death seem to be socially acceptable, while more and more people break from the propaganda of lies and then from their own wrong decisions. “Shackle and vaccinate” – considered the president of the Austrian Medical Association, Thomas Szekeres. Shackle and vaccinate the 80-year-olds? Shackle and vaccinate the 5-year-olds? Restrain parents by force when they want to protect their children? Please, stand-up and act like these are your parents, your children. All it takes is not to obey. Help us to be heard.

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Make sure that Holocaust Survivors are heard.