Open letter in memory of Clemens Arvay: One of many – one too many. Jews against media incitement

The suicide of the popular Austrian biologist Clemens Arvay has moved Jews worldwide to express their concern and fear in a letter. When every government critic is defamed as an anti-Semite, when media and self-appointed guardians of political correctness treat the term Nazi lightly, who are the true anti-Semites and Nazis? And if Jews are suspected to be behind this degradation and even legal persecution, how safe are the Jews?

In a democracy, a person must be allowed to express a controversial opinion without fearing for his existence. And Jews, as a vulnerable minority, should not be abused for silencing legitimate political opposition.

Clemens Arvay is unfortunately not a unique case. But one too many and in a country, of all places, where the topics of the Holocaust, National Socialism and anti-Semitism should be dealt with particularly consciously. The letter was sent to members of parliament, media, anti-Semitism commissioners and other carefully selected recipients in Germany, Austria, Great Britain and the Netherlands. Feel free to share the letter in other languages in your country.

Make sure that Holocaust Survivors are heard.