Children must not be harmed

Israeli lawyers Ruth Machnes and Arie Suchovolsky appear before the International Criminal Court as ambassadors for all of us. With your voice you contribute to the judicial precedent.

Our demand: a comprehensive investigation of Covid19 vaccination side effects experienced by adults, before our children are being vaccinated.

“In every country, the death curve follows the vaccination curve.

Nobel laureate Luc Montagnier

“We urge you to investigate the known side effects and deaths, and until then, stop the Covid vaccination campaign.

Ruth Machnes and Arie Suchovolsky at the International Courts

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There is no crime, no trick, no hoax, no vice that does not thrive on secrecy.”

Famed journalist Joseph Pulitzer

Children and teens were not the dead in Covid statistics. But now they are increasingly represented as victims in vaccine injury databases. This is unacceptable. Why is the mass media silent? We want answers.

Israel today is the world of tomorrow. What is going on there? Why is all but 20 pages of the vaccine contract with Pfizer under lock and key for 30 years? Why do a majority of fully vaccinated people occupy intensive care beds? Why are the numbers of cases of myocarditis, heart attacks and cardiac arrest exploding among younger vaccinated people who were previously perfectly healthy? Why don’t the media warn?

Why is the inventor of the mRNA vaccine, Robert Malone, calling for the vaccine not to be used under any circumstances? Why is he not being heard, censored worldwide, and even threatened? And why is the leading media not reporting it?

Why are we seeing more and more obituaries involving young people? What is behind sudden death? Why don’t we read about it widely?

Why don’t vaccine manufacturers accept liability if the vaccine is safe? Why do they oblige acceptance even if there are better, more tolerable means? Why can’t we find easily accessible information on this?

Even before the emergency approval by the US FDA, 22 terrible side effects were known, including heart as well as nerve disease, death, and multisystemic inflammatory syndrome in CHILDREN. Why are we not given this list before we are vaccinated? Why is there no transparent education?

Courts condemn, they do not prevent. But this is exactly what must be achieved now. Disability or even death cannot be redressed with a court decision.

This is not a petition to the politicians, but an urgent request for a precedent decision, which can only be enforced with Your help. Sign now and spread the call to courts. THANK YOU!

Make sure that Holocaust Survivors are heard.